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C O F F E E || Kinfolk.


Dream wallpaper
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Dream wallpaper

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Desk objects/Tools above and  Market Items  below.


A little frog design I did way back when is now on wine corks.
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A little frog design I did way back when is now on wine corks.

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CJ Rhodes / Australia

Andrew Seppelt Wines ~ Private Cellar Range.
Private Cellar Riesling…Vintage 2008, 2010
Private Cellar Shiraz…Vintage 2005, 2006, 2010 
ASW Calamity (shiraz and pressings)
ASW No 4 (Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro, Cinsaut)
ASW Esparte, Rossolo Nera, Mataro - the white, the pink and the red - expressions of the Mataro grape
ASW Primitivo


Vee-noh! Wine Labels by Caroline Gilroy
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8 Awesome Wine Labels

1. Labels that are both robust and informative. Never shall you wonder which vino to pair with that pulled pork masterpiece. (designed by Ellie Snow)

2. Finally! A wine to match your Novembeard. The fancier the stache, the fancier the wine, according to these labels. (source)

3. Keep your pets close and your reds closer. (designed by Bailey Lauerman)

4. Morse Code is the language of love. That, or of a delicious Australian shiraz. (designed by Parallax)

5. This pour could get a bit messy. (Possum Wines)

6. There’s something comical about this label’s awesomeness. (by Mash Design for Esule wines)

7. No words. (designed by Dorian)

8. If wine is poetry, these labels narrate their contents. (designed by WORKlab

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Winter Warmer by Exeter based creative studio Buddy.

"Each year we send out a festive ‘Mulled Wine’ to clients and friends. Mulled wine is a traditional winter drink served warm, making it the perfect tonic to banish those winter chills…This year saw the birth of BUDDY’S ORIGINAL WINTER WARMER. The only sure and trusted way to ward off the icy claw of winter, and survive the manifold strifes of the festive season."

Bit late for a christmas related blog post but couldn’t resist sharing this, so beautiful, definitely up there with Stranger & Stranger’s christmas projects (1,23)
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Iván Bravo   |

"Illustration for "La vinya del 8" –Eight’s vineyard–, a single vineyard wine of limited production created by a collective of eight winemakers. The identity of this product is being renewed on an annual basis to build a particular and diverse collection. The main goal is to set this product as a singular one and to attract a high degree of attention."

Iván Bravo is an illustrator based in Barcelona working in advertising, magazines and mural painting. He likes to walk the line between concept and humour.

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